Tire Sealant Instructions

In case of a puncture:

Most punctures will seal without you noticing. However, should you still have a leak, please follow the troubleshooting steps here.  Full instructions and application chart details are linked below.  

Safety First!
Always wear personal protective gear, especially eye protection. Do not eat, drink, or wear as clothing in public.

If there is debris in the puncture, use a small paper clip, screw, or nail to clear any debris from the puncture, you may simply push it into the puncture, pushing the debris fully inside the tire.

If you notice a puncture that is leaking sealant, pressure tire up to maximum PSI listed on tire (Do NOT exceed manufacturer’s max tire pressure rating), rotate tire three times, and allow to sit with puncture pointed downward for 5 minutes.  Depressurize to your normal riding pressure, and ride on!

If you notice a puncture that is leaking air, but not sealant, you are likely out of free sealant in the tire, as small amounts are used up for each puncture that it seals.  You should add a small amount of Armor-Dilloz to your tire, however, any appropriate fluid sealant, or even water, can be added if Armor-Dilloz is not available, our sealant will enhance the added sealant and will continue to perform well.

If you have any questions, please contact us at teamdilloz@armor-dilloz.com

Installation Instructions

Recommended Dosing

 Benelux instructions, click here