Our Story

If you want the long version, check out our interview on One-o-Wheel.Pro 

You can catch Cory's appearances on The Voice of Onewheel  as well if you would like!

The Voice of Onewheel - "Onewheel Superman"
The Voice of Onewheel - "Draggin' Tail"

TL;DR Version:

Cory Boehne, the founder of Armor-Dilloz (DBA of Overkill Inc.) created Armor-Dilloz tire sealant because of his love of riding, and frustration with flat tires on his Onewheel PEV.  Since then, we have proudly branched out to help solve flats for the e-Scooter, EUC, and E-Skate community, as well as various other small markets with unique needs for the ultimate in performance from their pneumatic tires.

Overkill Inc. the parent company, is the branding we proudly use on our finest accessories, and apparel - if you see Armor-Dilloz or Overkill Inc. on a product, you can count on it being the best quality product you can buy, after all, nothing less could honestly be called 'Overkill'...