Bead Buddy Instructions

    Armor-Dilloz Bead Buddy Tire Lubricant Gel Instructions

    Safety First!
    Always wear personal protection gear, especially eye protection. Do not eat, drink, or wear as clothing in public.

    For new tire install:

    • Shake product before using
    • Remove old tire (Use Bead Buddy if needed)
    • Clean rim assembly
    • Lightly coat all bead areas as shown in diagram below with Armor-Dilloz Bead Buddy to ease install & reduce pressure needed to seat tire.
    • Install new tire
    • Seat Bead - Cover top of tire with cloth to prevent any minor spray when bead seats.  (Make sure to keep cloth out of bead area!!)

    Bead Buddy Tips:

    Use a light coat on all bead surface areas, a little goes a long way!

    This product is sweet tasting - but does contain ingredients that, while safe, are best not consumed in any quantity - particularly PEG - which is used as a powerful laxative.  Keep this away from kids & pets.