Why would I want to use Bead Buddy?

This makes getting the tire on easier and lowers the pressure needed to fully seat the tire bead. This means less struggling and no risk of deforming your tire when trying to seat it. 

How do you use Bead Buddy? 

Instructions for Bead Buddy can be found here: https://armor-dilloz.com/pages/bead-buddy-instructions-1. You can always reach out to us before using the product for advice as well. 

How much Red 'Dillo should I use in my Onewheel tire?

We recommend using 8oz. 

Can I use less product?

Some customers have reported fixing a flat with 4oz of 'Red Dillo. You can always add the rest of the product later on. But, for maximum protection we recommend 8oz. 

Can I use Red 'Dillo in any Onewheel tire?

Yes, it works with all tires!

Do you have a tire sealant installation tutorial?

We sure do! https://youtu.be/Ln4tYHJ0feo

Does your sealant come with a valve stem tool?

Yes, all of our sealants come with a brass valve stem tool. There is the option to purchase an upgraded tool. 

What should I do if I cut too much off the tip of the bottle?

You can use 1/4 inch ID Vinyl tubing to complete the installation. This can be purchased at your local hardware store. You can also buy another squeeze bottle at many supermarkets.

How many punctures can one bottle seal?

This can vary, depending on the size of the punctures or cuts. If you find that it is not sealing, just add a couple more ounces of 'Dillo or any water soluble tire sealant. 

Can I use this if I already have Slime in my tire?

Yes, you can use this product with Slime or any other water based sealant. Those sealants can also be used as a booster if you are running low on 'Dillo from sealing multiple punctures. 

How much sealant do I use for other tires? 

It depends on the size of your tires. Many tires require a half bottle or less. But, some larger tires, such as ATVs and some Fat Tire bikes, may require more than a single bottle.

Can I use this in my bicycle? 

Yes, our product is compatible with tube and tubeless tires. We recommend the Green 'Dillo for this. 

Still need help?

Contact us at Teamdilloz@armor-dilloz.com and we will be happy to help you!