Armor-Dilloz - Military Grade Ultra Premium Tire Sealant - Specialized for your needs:

Which Sealant Should I Choose?

Red Armor-Dilloz: Best choice for 30 MPH or less
Blue Armor-Dilloz: Best choice for faster than 30 MPH
Green Armor-Dilloz: Best Value

Ride The Worst Streets & Gnarliest Trails - Never Worry Again About Flat Tires

Protect yourself from flats with the most extraordinary tire sealant you can buy.   Made to our extreme specification, this is the product made for those riders who know they're going to put it to the test, but it's also ideal for those riders who simply never want to deal with the headache of a flat tire and want the best in reliability and performance.   

Developed and tested on worst streets and the gnarliest trails, you can count on our product to keep you rolling.  Armor-Dilloz is dedicated to making sure you never lose another weekend day of riding, and won't be left walking your device home or taking an Uber.   From our premium metal protective plates to our world class sealants, Armor-Dilloz products are specially designed to offer superior protection and performance.

Fix and Prevent Flat Tires - Fast & Easy!

Mounting A Tire? Don't forget to get Bead Seating Lubricant!

Armor-Dilloz Accessories: Enhance & Protect your Onewheel.

New For Onewheels 🔥😎 The Draggin' Tail! Attach and Slide for HUGE Sparks & Flames!

Armor-Dilloz Swag

Yes, We Do Love Onewheels, But Our Tire Sealant Can Go In Any Pneumatic Tire.

Military Grade Quality. 100% Made In USA.

Ride Streets Or Trails & Don't Worry About Flats.

Not Believing The Hype? We Put It To The Test.


Want REAL indisputable proof of how awesome Armor-Dilloz tire sealant is? Here's the Youtube version of our Facebook livestream where we used a brand new Onewheel to show just how awesome our product is! Includes livestreamed test rides as well - demonstration of successful sealing of various punctures up to 1/2" - also includes us KILLING the tire with a massive 3/4" spike.