Scooter Tire Sealant Instructions

Safety First!
Always wear personal protective gear, especially eye protection.  Do not eat, drink, or wear as clothing in public.

  • Remove air from Scooter tire
  • Remove valve core from stem, using included tool
  • Snip 1/16” off of tip of Armor-Dilloz bottle
  • Insert Armor-Dilloz bottle nozzle into valve stem, gently squeeze recommend amount (see chart) into Scooter tire (squeeze and release repeatedly until correct amount is in tire) (Only use half of recommend amount if adding to preexisting sealant)
  • Reinstall valve into stem
  • Inflate tire to riding pressure
  • IF REPAIRING FLAT TIRE: Inflate tire to +10 PSI over your normal riding pressure (Except where this may exceed max tire pressure rating), and then deflate tire to riding pressure.

Trouble Shooting for Tube Tires

Tube tires are often tricky, and do fail to seal more often than tubeless - maximize your chance to save the tire by following these instructions:

Quick Trouble Shooting for Tube Tires

  • Remove debris from puncture
  • Point puncture downward
  • Pressure tire up to maximum recommended PSI of tire  (Do NOT exceed safe pressure rating - see tire manufacturer’s  specifications)
  • Roll tire around and keep pressure at maximum recommended PSI of tire until leak seals  (Do NOT exceed safe pressure rating - see tire manufacturer’s specifications) 
  • Deflate tire to riding pressure when finished

Failures on tube seams, as well as cuts/tears of the tube are often not sealable by any sealant including ours.  A patch kit is recommended for these cases.

Scooter Dosing Chart

    There you have it!  It's that easy to protect your tires with Armor-Dilloz! 

    NOTE: When deflating, or connecting air source after Dilloz installation, always ensure that valve stem is at highest possible point so that sealant is not forced out through valve, which may potentially clog valve.