ArmorChilloz FluxFluid

ArmorChilloz FluxFluid

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ArmorChilloz FluxFluid - Finest Quality Ferrofluid

Hotrod your ride by cooling down your motor and increasing efficiency!

ArmorChilloz FluxFluid bridges the air-gap between the magnets and the stator with a high tech fluid that contains nanoparticles of magnetic material that have been carefully dispersed in an oil based carrier fluid.

The primary benefit of this product is significantly more rapid heat transfer from the stator to other areas of the motor assembly, which can act as a large heatsink, increasing the rate of overall cooling, as well as initially absorbing a great deal of heat, making it harder to overheat your motor.

Secondary effects are gains in power and efficiency, because the air gap has been effectively reduced, this will increase the efficiency of the motor’s operation, which means you can produce more power with less strain on the controller.

Installation Instructions

Installation is easiest during a bearing change or hub swap - at which time you can simply spread the product onto the magnets directly.  After removal of the stator, spread the product onto the magnets evenly - ensuring material is evenly distributed.  Replace the stator and operate as you normally would. 

Currently we are recommending between 7-9ml in the Onewheel GT. 


UPDATE: GT & AFTERMARKET MOTORS MAY SUFFER FROM GLUE ADHESION ISSUES - We are advising that riders assess the risks of use with these motors carefully before use - specifically with aftermarket motors, we advise checking with the manufacturer before purchase/installation to ensure compatibility.  XR factory motors have not had any reported issues, after fairly extensive testing and use - so for users with these motors current confidence in suitability remains high and this update to the our usage warning does not apply.

Ferrofluids like ArmorChilloz have been in use in electric motors for over a decade now, and while there are exceedingly few reports of problems, it must be noted that direct testing of this product has been limited to a short duration, with longer term data unavailable.  While the manufacturer has given all assurances that this product is safe and suitable for this application, there simply isn’t sufficient specific data for us to be 100% confident in the long term performance of this product in this specific application - in short, use at your own risk, Overkill Inc. / Armor-Dilloz expressly disclaims any responsibility for damage or injury caused by use of this product in any application.  User assumes all responsibility and risk of any modifications of their device.

Product contains hydrocarbons: Avoid prolonged skin contact, or exposure to the product via mouth, nose, eyes or other mucous membranes - please do not eat, drink, or otherwise consume or expose yourself to this product.  If you get the product on your skin, use soap and warm water to wash your skin until all traces of the product are gone.  Keep out of reach of children.  


We temporarily suspended sales of Armor-Chilloz in mid 2022 due to a report of a Onewheel GT motor dropping a magnet in the motor after installation of Armor-Chilloz.

After a lengthy investigation, we have determined that it would seem that some GT motors have insufficient glue on the magnets, leading to the magnets to lose adhesion, and release from the backing plate in the motor.  Our research on this issue indicates that Armor-Chilloz has no discernable negative effect, and may slow or prevent this problem, as it can keep overall motor temperatures lower.  Please be aware that despite this fact, the manufacturer may cite the use of Armor-Chilloz or other ferrofluids as a reason to not honor their warranty.  Please be aware of this, and know that you are responsible for the risk to your warranty coverage as well as any risk that may exist to your motor.  As of late 2022, the instances of this have been VERY rare - and universally affect only extreme riders who are pushing the boards way beyond the typical limits.  In the one 'controlled' test we did, our pro rider was able to kill a brand new GT motor without 'Chilloz' in well under a single day - while it took him nearly a week to kill the next GT motor with 'Chilloz'...  Not a perfect test, but a good indicator that Armor-Chilloz is providing at least some level of prevention on this issue, but we still must be clear that this is 'experimental' still and you are using it at your own risk.  Ride hard, stay cool!


We, currently,  do not recommend using this product in 3rd party motors.  We have not tested our product in MTE or other aftermarket hubs and do not know if they are compatible.

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